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On average, space heating and cooling accounts for 60% of a household energy consumption. Pairing solar with an air conditioning system is an excellent solution to reduce your greenhouse gas emissions, and your power bills too.

Simply…Solar Panels and Air Conditioning are better together.


In summer, solar energy production is excellent and fits perfectly with air conditioning cooling needs and in winter, while the solar production is not as good, a solar system will be able to cover some of the energy needs for heating your property.

Furthermore, because air conditioning systems are more efficient than gas heating or electric resistive heating, switching to an air conditioning system for heating is a cost and energy saving solution.

Major contributing factors to a home’s energy footprint are its heating and cooling requirements. Here at Snowy Regional Solar in the Snowy Monaro region we provide an extensive range of cold climate designed LG Electronics heating and cooling options.

Heat Pump air conditioning systems are an incredibly energy efficient way to heat or cool any space. With our range of quality LG Electronics products, we can deliver a solution tailored to your needs.

LG’s cooling technology incorporated within their split system air conditioners, enables easy customisation of your home temperature settings.
With smart controls and intelligent technology, you can direct the air to wherever it is needed, and temperature to your specific comfort level.

The LG Electronics systems also offer powerful airflow, 10-year compressor parts warranty, and responsive controls…a must for any selection.

The LG Smart ThinQ App lets you access and control your air conditioner with your smartphone or mobile device, even when you're not at home. Choose from various cooling and heating options and install them according to your space requirements.

Contact the Snowy Regional Solar design technician to know more about the LG Electronics split system air conditioning range and how your selection can deliver a great result into your space. 

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